Boarding Terms & Conditions


All boarding bookings require a 100% deposit at the time of check in.

Please note we charge our boarding fee per night with check out by 10am. If the pet needs to stay later than this they will be charged for an additional night.

Drop off for boarding is available between 9am and 6pm Weekdays and 9am and 1pm Saturdays.  Please note our reception is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays so pets may not be picked up or dropped off on these days and daycare is not available.


To ensure the safety of our boarders, all animals must have up-to-date C5 (dogs) or F3 (cats) vaccinations on admission to boarding. If this was administered at another clinic please provide evidence (a vaccination certificate) at least two weeks prior to arrival where possible. Our staff reserve the right to ring (the other vet) to confirm your pet’s vaccination status prior to admission and refuse entry to any pet that does not have sufficient vaccine coverage.

If your pet is overdue for vaccination they will require vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to check in. If your pet is due (but not overdue) for vaccination we can complete this whilst they are boarding with us however we do recommend it still be done prior to give you the opportunity to speak to the vet about your pet’s health.

If your pet is overdue for vaccination and you are unable to complete a vaccination prior to boarding we reserve the right to refuse admission.

Flea prevention

All animals must have up-to-date flea & tick prevention on admission to boarding that covers them throughout their stay. If your animal is not on flea prevention an inhouse product will be provided and charged to your account.

For cats we recommend a three-monthly spot-on product.

For dogs we recommend a three-monthly chew OR six-monthly spot-on product. Please ask us for brand recommendations.

Please note that we do not accept the following flea prevention products; Exelpet, Frontline spot ons, Flea Collar (with the exception of Seresto) , Capstar, Sentinel or Program.


Food is included in boarding costs and is a premium diet.

If your pet requires an alternative diet please provide it clearly labelled and preferably divided into correct portions (or with clear instructions on how to do so).

If your pet is on a prescription food please provide it. If the prescription food is not provided we will sell you a bag on admit and you can take the remaining food home when you pick up your animal. Please note we may need to order in certain prescription foods so best to check with us beforehand.

Let us know if they are fussy eaters or have sensitive stomachs! This can assist us in formulating the best feeding plan for your pet.

Due to potential choking hazards we do not allow boarders to receive any chews, treats or dental-related toys/chews whilst boarding with us.


We supply all bedding, leads, litter trays, bowls and harnesses for our boarders. We strongly recommend you leave no belongings with us apart from carry cage (cats)  as they tend to get misplaced, chewed or dirty. All belongings left with your pet at the clinic including but not limited to toys, blankets, cages, leads and collars will be clearly labelled and kept with your pet however Thornleigh Vet Hospital accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged items.


All pets requiring medication whilst in boarding must have their medications separated, clearly labelled and packaged. We want to make sure we know all there is to know about your animal’s health so a complete vet history may be requested if you’re not our veterinary client (and we love it if you bring this with you all ready to go!). Extra fees apply when medications are to be administered.

Extension of boarding

If you are having just too much fun on holiday or for whatever reason need to extend your pets stay this is fine (subject to space). Please call the hospital to let us know the proposed extension dates. Please note at the time of this extension we require payment of boarding to date and full payment of boarding until the proposed discharge date.

Christmas boarding

We have a 5-night minimum for all boarding stays from the 20th December to 5th January. A $50 non-refundable deposit will be required by the 1st December. The usual 100% deposit will also apply at time of check-in.

Just in case…

We are proud to say we have never had an infectious disease outbreak in our cattery… and we want to keep it that way! Whilst all precautions would be taken to ensure the offending animal is isolated and remaining animals are kept healthy, we take no responsibility for any related illness.

Hot days

Our cattery and kennels are completely outdoors which allows each animal to have plenty of space, fresh air and maximum ventilation which drastically reduces risk of infectious disease spread.  However temperatures in Sydney’s Summer can exceed 35 degrees so we have put some important protocols in place to ensure all pets can cope with the heat.

All animals have plenty of shade and large water bowls available at all times.  If the temperature is expected to exceed 30 degrees, ice is offered to each pet or placed in their water bowls multiple times a day.

All pets that are old, obese or are prone to breathing difficulties will be assessed for their ability to cope in the heat and if we are concerned will be transferred to our air-conditioned hospital for the duration of the heat spell.  if you know your pet does not cope well with the heat please speak to our staff prior to their arrival.

Aggressive or anxious pets

Our priority is ensuring each of our boarders enjoy their time with us but we understand not every pet loves being apart from their owners in a strange environment. Please let us know if you have any concerns about your pet whilst they are staying with us and we’ll endeavour to make their stay as stress-free as possible.  Please also alert us to any known aggression prior to their admission.

To ensure staff safety and with the wellbeing of each boarder in mind, Thornleigh Veterinary Hospital reserves the right to refuse boarding to any animal.

Multiple Pets

If you have  multiple cats that you would like to house together we can make this happen! Please let our staff know when you book them in for boarding. A 10% discount applies to their total boarding costs when they are housed together.