Daycare Boarders Terms & Conditions

The objective of our daycare service is to provide pets with a safe, fresh environment with veterinary supervision for short periods of time (i.e. up to 9 hours).


Each pet is provided with:


A spacious outdoor run with plenty of fresh air and sunlight that does not face other pets and separate dog and cat wards.

Ample access to water

Soft beds

The option for feeding only if owners provide food.

Veterinary nurse supervision

Daycare is only available outside of peak times i.e. school holidays due to the lack of runs available during these times.



Payment must be made at the time of admission. Prices are listed on our website. Price does not vary based on the number of hours your pet stays with us.


Pick up and drop off for boarding is available between 9am and 6pm Weekdays and 9am and 1pm Saturdays. Please note our reception is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays so pets may not be picked up or dropped off on these days.



To ensure the safety of our boarders, all animals must have up-to-date F3 vaccinations on admission to boarding. If this was administered at another clinic please provide evidence (a vaccination certificate) at least two weeks prior to arrival where possible. Our staff reserve the right to ring (the other vet) to confirm your pet’s vaccination status prior to admission and refuse entry to any pet that does not have sufficient vaccine coverage.


If your pet is overdue for vaccination they will require vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to check in. If your pet is due (but not overdue) for vaccination we can complete this whilst they are boarding with us however we do recommend it still be done prior to give you the opportunity to speak to the vet about your pet’s health.


If your pet is overdue for vaccination and you are unable to complete a vaccination prior to boarding we reserve the right to refuse admission.


Flea prevention

All animals must have up-to-date flea & tick prevention on admission to boarding that covers them throughout their stay. If your animal is not on flea prevention an inhouse product will be provided and charged to your account.


For cats we recommend Bravecto or Bravecto Plus.


Please note that we do not accept the following flea prevention products; Exelpet, Frontline spot ons, Flea Collar (with the exception or Seresto), Capstar, Sentinel or Program.



We supply all bedding, leads, litter trays, bowls and harnesses for our boarders. We strongly recommend you leave no belongings with us apart from carry cages as they tend to get misplaced, chewed or dirty. All belongings left with your pet at the clinic including but not limited to toys, blankets, cages, leads and collars will be clearly labelled and kept with your pet however Thornleigh Vet Hospital accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged items.



All pets requiring medication whilst in boarding must have their medications separated, clearly labelled and packaged. We want to make sure we know all there is to know about your animal’s health so a complete vet history may be requested if you’re not our veterinary client (and we love it if you bring this with you all ready to go!). Extra fees apply when medications are to be administered.