Loyalty & Boarding Benefits Terms & Conditions

The objective of our loyalty program is to provide our regular boarders with benefits for coming back to stay with us and ensuring all our pets in boarding are healthy and disease free.


Free Dental Checks & 15% off dentistry

All boarders are offered a complimentary dental check on entry into boarding. An owner can be present for this check if they wish and discuss any concerns they may have with the vet. If dental work is recommended, this can be completed whilst the pet is boarding with us presuming there is an available weekday to perform the procedure. If the dental is performed during the boarding period a 15% discount will be applied to the entire dentistry invoice including pre-anaesthetic blood testing, x-rays, scale & polish and extraction fees. The discount does not apply if the pet has dental work performed after their boarding stay. A discharge appointment will be organised to ensure we can talk you through your pet’s procedure and show you any relevant x-rays or laboratory results.


Complimentary Vaccinations

If your cat has boarded with us more than 30 days accumulatively in a calendar year they are eligible for a free vaccination. This includes a physical exam and F3 vaccine (for cats). Please note this vaccination appointment can only occur after the 30 days have occurred and it is the responsibility of the owner to inform us when they think their pet is eligible (unfortunately in our software we are unable to set a reminder). The vaccination can be completed whilst they are in boarding with us assuming they have completed more than 30 days boarding during that calendar year and their vaccinations are up-to-date.


Discounts on longer stays

All boarders staying 30 days or longer are eligible for a 10% discount off their boarding price. If pets are sharing a room this discount will apply on top of their 10% off for shared room discount.