Feeding your dog a balanced diet of both good quality pet food and fresh food, twice a day, helps your dog’s digestion and gets them the right amount of nutrition. But eating the same food out of the same bowl at the same time every day is going to bore your dog – and sometimes, no amount of patience and persistence is going to get them to eat.

Here are some ways to make your dog’s mealtimes more exciting – and delicious.

Have fun with food-dispensing rubber toys

If your dog loves to play, buy a hard rubber toy that you can fill with dog food – they’ll have great fun figuring out how to eat it. You could also play a tracking game, by laying their biscuits in a trail to the food-filled toy. Check out dogtrainingproducts.com.au

Puzzle it out with slow-feeding dog bowls

Eating out of a regular bowl is boring and your dog probably wolfs down their food in a matter of seconds. Using a slow-feeding dog bowl makes your dog take small bites of food, and puzzle feeders keep your dog busy by encouraging them to find their food. Visit vetproductsdirect.com for a range of slow-feeding bowls.

Use their food to train your dog

When you’re at home, split up one of their meals and use it as a way to reward good behaviour when you see it. Replace their morning bowl of food by rewarding them throughout the day for sitting, fetching and weeing in the right spot.

Try different types of dog foods

Your canine friend might go off their dry food, so try mixing it with some wet food. Make sure you choose a quality pet food from your vet, as they use meat-based proteins and have optimal fibre levels. Your dog will be more likely to eat it and it’s also better for them. Talk to one of our friendly staff for recommendations.

Make their food smell irresistible!

If your dog has become bored with their food, make it more palatable by adding in some tasty canned food or some gravy from your leftover roast. Sometimes adding in a few herbs, like parsley or basil, can encourage eating too. Warming their food can also enhance the smell and get them interested.

Feed your dog after exercise

Your dog is bound to be hungry after they’ve burnt up a lot of energy running at the park or beach. They’ll look forward to a big drink and a tasty feed when they get home.

Is it out of character for your dog to stop eating?

If your dog has suddenly become fussy and no amount of coaxing will help him or her to eat, there may be something wrong. Bring your pet in for a veterinary check up, just in case. If you’re unsure how much to feed your dog, just contact us for advice.