KONGs are a fun, innovative way to feed your cat or dog. They are a tool that helps us engage in play with our pets, can help in the management of behavioural issues like separation anxiety, and they allow dogs to exhibit that natural behaviour that we love to hate – chewing! KONGs help slow down the time it takes a cat or dog to eat their meal while providing some mental stimulation in the process.

KONGs come in all shapes, colours, textures and sizes and are suitable for kittens to cats and pups to dogs of all breeds.

KONGs can be filled with kibble, various pastes (there is nothing better in my dog’s opinion than a peanut butter KONG), or on a hot summers day a frozen treat – think a KONG ice block!

The benefits of using a KONG

KONGs are a great way to PLAY with your dog. Playing is an important part of being a dog and interactive play can strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

Play is a normal and natural instinct of dogs and the KONG provides a way for you and your dog to play together, while also providing an outlet for mental (and dental!) stimulation, helping management of behavioural disorders, and to a lesser degree maintaining good oral health.

KONGs are durable, and that erratic bounce appeals to a dog’s natural chase instinct. Once the dog captures the KONG, the natural rubber can be chewed on for hours, satisfying the needs to chase as well as chew.

Boredom and anxiety can become problems in some pets when we’re not at home – a KONG stuffed with treats can keep your dog occupied for hours as they work hard to reach what’s inside. It can also help to discourage your pet from ruining furniture by providing a distraction or help to preoccupy them when you leave for the day.

Healthy recipes for your KONG

Anything can go in a KONG! Consider the following ideas…….


Like an icy pole, a KONG can be filled with frozen soup, chicken stock or water with liver treats in it. If you’re wondering how on earth to get the liquid to stay inside, the secret is to fill the holes with peanut butter!

Veggie KONG

Sweet potato – or any vegetable that’s safe for your dog – can be mashed and packed into the Kong. Depending on the weather, give it to your dog fresh or frozen. Remember, no onions, leeks or garlic please!

Chicken Kongerole

Combine leftover chopped up chicken and veggies from your casserole with chicken broth and pack it into the KONG.

Sardine Kong

One the cats will particularly love – smash up some sardines and stuff them in there!

Salmon Kong

Try smearing some salmon inside a KONG for a purrrfect treat.

Dessert Kong

Pack the inside with your pet’s favourite treats, then fill the holes with peanut butter.