Our vets commonly recommend a wound protection device post-operatively or if your pet has a skin wound, rash or injury that we don’t want it accessing. These are otherwise known as Elizabethan collars or cones.  It is extremely important that your pet can’t access these areas to allow them to heal. Licking and chewing wounds increases the risk of infection and surgical wounds can be ripped open if the sutures are removed prematurely!

We completely understand these collars are often a source of distraction and even depression for some pets.  All of our post-operative patients are provided with a cheap, hard Elizabethan collar. The cost of this is visible on your estimate.  However our staff can discuss with you alternative options if you prefer, many of which are available to purchase from us. Speak to our staff if you would like a different option or have a go at the D.I.Y. options below!

Alternative firm Elizabethan collars:

Soft collars

  • Kong Soft Collars
  • The Comfy Cone
  • Many reject shops, petshops or eBay sell cute versions of soft collars such as avocado or sunflower shapes!

Inflatable Collars


Other options for wound management:

  • There is a bitterant spray that you apply on the wound so that they don’t like the taste if chewed. It can also be applied to bandages
  • Recovery suits
  • Bandages (however the pet may still tend to chew at the bandage).
  • Old children’s t-shirts or baby onesies (depending on the location of the wound)
  • Extra medication: additional pain relief, anti-itch medication or sedation may help. Please chat to one of the vets if your pet seems unsettled